Sixense has developed a revolutionary electromagnetic motion tracking technology for consumer applications, such as gaming, fitness, rehabilitation and many other digital media applications. Sixense technology tracks the exact position and orientation of each controller or device, providing the most intuitive way to interact with digital content.

Six Degree-of-Freedom Motion Tracking
True 1:1 position and orientation tracking.

Unparalleled Precision
Precision to 1 mm and 1 degree tracks even the slowest and finest movements.

No Calibration
Unlike accelerometer-based systems, there is no need for periodic recalibration.

No Line of Sight Required
Does not require line of sight to operate, guaranteeing reliable tracking for uninterrupted use.

Multiplayer Support
The Sixense wireless dev kit supports up to four controllers per base station. The Razer Hydra supports two controllers.

Wide Range
A 12′ diameter use zone provides ample room for full-body gaming (wireless dev kit).

Low Latency Feedback
Sixense delivers position and orientation coordinates 60 times per second.

Low Power
The Sixense base unit utilizes a very low-power magnetic field, comparable to that emitted by most television sets.

The Sixense SDK is packaged with extensive utility libraries to streamline engineering of all game genres and other applications.

Other controllers use combination of LEDs, gyros, accelerometers, and cameras to detect motion. These systems are susceptible to interruption due to line-of-site obstructions and must be constantly re-calibrated. Sixense technology solves both of these problems with its magnetic motion tracking, providing precise and continuous position and orientation information for an uninterrupted user experience.

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