All Sixense software products are available through Steam, except the Sixense MotionCreator, which is available here.
Sixense SDK
The Sixense SDK allows game developers to create games and applications that make use of six-degree-of-freedom motion tracking of position (X,Y,Z) and orientation (pitch, roll, yaw) with Sixense-powered controllers, including the Razer Hydra.
To download the Hydra SDK please follow these steps:
1. Log in to Steam. (Download and install Steam first at
2. Click “Library” on the top menu.
3. Click the “ALL GAMES” dropdown menu to expand it.
4. Click “Tools”.
5. Double-click “Sixense SDK for the Razer Hydra”.
6. Follow on screen instructions to download and install the software.
Sixense MIDI SDK
The Sixense MIDI App allows musicians to take advantage of the Razer Hydra’s full one-to-one tracking of position and orientation for two controllers to use the Hydra as a MIDI controller and to create unique music applications.



Unity 3D

Modified Sixense SDK


Ogre 3D


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