Portal 2 In Motion DLC due next week on PlayStation 3

Portal 2 To Get Move Support (And New Levels) Next Week

“Sixense Studios, the developers of the Razer Hydra motion controller for PC, are bringing PlayStation Move functionality to the PlayStation 3 version of Valve’s Portal 2, along with a dedicated DLC called Portal 2 In Motion. ” – Waggler, iWaggle3d

E3: ‘Portal 2 in Motion’ DLC supports PlayStation Move

One day, Portal 2 in motion DLC will come to PS3, it’s such a shame the same will never happen to Xbox

E3 2012: Portal 2: In Motion DLC Uses the PlayStation Move to Think With Portals

Portal 2 ‘In Motion’ DLC coming to PlayStation Move on Tuesday

Portal 2 In Motion DLC out next week in US

‘Portal 2 In Motion’ DLC incorporates PlayStation Move

Portal Picks Up a PlayStation Move Controller, Returns to the PS3 With New Levels

Portal 2 DLC announced for PlayStation Move


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