“The Razer Hydra is the first generation PC gaming motion sensing controllers. Considered to be the world’s first PC gaming-grade motion sensing controllers that lets you experience the game with your natural body motion directly into the game.”

Razer Valve Announce Hydra Support for 250 Games

Razer Hydra Review

Razer Hydra Review
  • Hands-On with Sixense STEM

    "The inventors of Razer's Hydra controller technology have a new motion-tracking system..."    Tested

  • MakeVR will let you design a 3D object with your hands

    "You may soon no longer need to master complicated design software to dive into 3D printing."    VentureBeat

  • MakeVR: a virtual space to quickly produce 3D designs

    "When a design is complete, it can be sent directly to a 3D printer without any post-processing required."    GigaOm

  • MakeVR Wants to Make 3D Design Easy

    "The software’s newest feature is its most impressive. Sixense will introduce collaborative modeling..."    Popular Mechanics

  • Hands-on with Sixense’s MakeVR

    "Can't find the perfect gift for your grandmother's birthday?
    Just make it."    Engadget

  • MakeVR 3D Modeling and Printing

    MakeVR eliminates traditional menus and operations, instead relying on natural hand gestures.

  • Sixense STEM Hands-On

    Engadget tries out the Sixense STEM prototype with Sixense Creative Director Danny Woodall

  • Creating a 3D scene in MakeVR

    We challenged one of our interns to select a piece of art and then to use MakeVR to re-create it in 3D.

  • Demo of MakeVR (Engineering TV)

    Sixense wants to make 3D modeling and design accesible to everyone, anywhere, collaboratively…

  • Introducing the STEM System

    Wireless, modular motion tracking for the most natural and intuitive interaction with video games, virtual reality, and more.