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    Cool Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


    It's currently not working quite right yet and could generally do with more testing, but it's almost there ^_^.

    It uses LB and RB as metakeys, like Ctrl or Alt, so it is able to cover nearly all functionality in the game that has a shortcut key. All actions on both the default hotbars (1-12 and C1-C12) are mapped. Different kinds of functions gravitate around a particular face button, so they're easier to remember. The top of the instructions web page for this mapping (the picture below) has a summary of all the functions and general ways to help you remember them.

    I recommend that you change the movement type to 'Legacy' in character settings for a more console-style of gameplay.

    screenshot30-06-2013 13.02.57-2.jpg

    I've been testing it for a while, and most things work great, but there are various problems really holding it back, so if anyone has an idea for fixes (and one that doesn't involve digging into system files and filtering Mouselook for the mouse one), that would be cool :3

    • Hotbar mappings can be unreliable - There can be periods of time where it won't activate hotbar actions at all, or activate hotbar actions from the wrong set.

      It currently doesn't have a robust mouse mode - Mouselook mode is too sensitive by default since you need precise clicking without dragging, and Wand mode is difficult to keep centered without raising your hand up particularly high or not have parts of the screen blocking the cursor.
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    In collaboration with Arruku, i'm posting the newest version of the MCE which fixes pretty much every issue with 0.7, and enables reliable play of ARR with the Razer Hydra. Until Arruku posts the pretty little diagram he made for it all, i'll try and explain the changes as best as possible.

    It now has a Wand pointer mode for selection and menu navigation, while holding down RT or RB will rotate the camera or character using the Hybrid pointer mode. These modes switch automatically. After hours of painful experimentation, the RT and RB buttons can also be used as a left and right click to effectively select characters and press menu buttons without the camera spinning out of control (WHY WASNT THERE A POINTER FREEZE ACTION?!?!), although please use the designated R2 button to drag interface items, or otherwise you'll enter Hybrid mode and find it pretty difficult...

    To click using RT , press lightly on the trigger and let go.
    To click using RB, press and release the button quickly
    To drag the view using RT, press and hold the trigger fully.
    To drag the view using RB, press and hold the button.

    From my knowledge of 0.7, the Action Bars have been moved to action grids, activated by holding LT + one of the 4 directions on the right stick. The grid has 2 rows and 3 columns, and positions the action bar items like this -

    [12] [34] [56]
    [78] [90] [-=]

    Left/Down = Activate Primary Action Bar (1 and 2 respectively)
    Up/Right = Activate Secondary Action bar (1 and 2 respectively)

    As before, it is recommended that under Character Settings, you change the control method to Legacy-Type in order to effectively use this control scheme. Check out the HTML diagram when downloaded to see the the full control config.

    - When using RT Drag at times, the action will function normally, but the cursor will fail to disappear.
    - In rare cases after using RT Drag, the camera will quickly move out of position.

    V0.95 Goals
    - Make the Action Grid more accurate and responsive
    - Fix all prevailing mouse issues
    - Tweak Wand/Hybrid sensitivity settings
    - Make the Sheathe/Unsheathe weapon gestures more accurate and responsive
    - Test and edit targeting bindings further.


    FFXIV ARR 0.9.mce
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    Croc and I have been working hard on getting the MCE improved, and we'll be pushing to 1.0 in FFXIV Beta Phase 4, which we intend to be a completely working and figured out version of this MCE.

    This version has a new guide/cheatsheet that I made that explains the entire binding. It's rough right now, but I rushed it out so this MCE will hopefully be a lot easier to understand. Also, it's meant to be part of one long thing and a lot easier to read but it's sliced and awfully downscaled and compressed because of the forum system :L.

    • Fixed mistake with party selection - members 2 and 8 were swapped :P
    • Repositioned mouse button functions on the right controller for improved ergonomics
    • Moved Map to LB + R1
    • Sheathe/Draw Weapon motion gesture is fully working now!
    • Added 3rd Hotbar to LT + R1/R3, suitable for macros and people with loads of actions
    • Movement now works when LT is held down
    • Smaller improvements and binding additions
    • New guide/cheatsheet to explain the binding more clearly

    Known Problems
    • The C and 3rd hotbars aren't as responsive as they should be (due to some internal mechanism we made)
    • Zoom in/out sensitivity needs work
    • Mouse sensitivity needs work

    Btw, all the graphics in the guide are my own and I intend on making them available for devs sometime soon C:
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    Love the new graphic guide format. Many of my MCEs also use LB/LT as modifiers and I hope the next version of "auto-generated" HTML recognize this moiety just as it does the hold and double tap modifiers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToBeVr View Post
    Love the new graphic guide format. Many of my MCEs also use LB/LT as modifiers and I hope the next version of "auto-generated" HTML recognize this moiety just as it does the hold and double tap modifiers.
    Thanks! ^u^.

    The new beta is up, so we're going to be getting to work with finalising this thing! . Pretty much from now on, Croc will be handling MCE changes on his own (since I'm actually getting rid of my gaming PC and moving to PS3). I'll be helping out too, and I'll still be doing the graphic guide .
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    Lots of small tweaks, that should make Beta Phase 4 more enjoyable. Hopefully this config will become complete by the official release of the game.

    - (Pinched from my TSW config) Made Party Targeting and Hotbar Joystick Input more accurate to use, there should be no accuracy issues with selecting the wrong party targets or actions.
    - Increased the sensitivity of Wand Mode slightly, so the controller doesn't require centering in order to access all UI elements.

    - The CTRL hotbar now works with no issues.

    - Moved maps to RT+Tilt and Velocity Left (TV-R).
    - Moved Hotbar 3-2 from RT+R1 to RT+R4.
    - Draw/Sheathe Weapon and Jump are now mapped to both corresponding Velocity and Tilt gestures, so they are much less likely to be activated accidentally.
    - Some config labels have been cleaned up.

    - Added shortcuts for the newly added Fishing Log (LT+LS) and Fishing Guide (LT+R1)
    - Added a gesture for targeting an attacking enemy (LB+Tilt and Velocity Forward)
    - Added bindings to Cycle Through Enemies (LB+R3) and Target Nearest Enemy (LB+R1)

    Known Problems
    - RT and RB clicks work 99% of the time, but not 100%. Will investigate further...
    - Anything else I missed.

    The configuration is now very close to a V1 release

    FFXIV ARR 0.92.mce

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    V0.93 (HOTFIX)

    - Fixed a serious issue where using LT+LS Down would switch the active hotbar.

    - Moved the binding for Hotbar 3-2 back from LT+R4 to RT+R1
    - Moved the Fishing Guide from LT+R1 to LT+R4

    FFXIV ARR 0.93.mce

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    v.093 Guide
    I have quickly amended the guide following the release of v0.93.

    Since the forum uploading is a pain and the image compression sucks, I've decided to upload this next guide onto my Tumblr, which can be found here:

    (Sorry for all the posts lately, we need to get more organised >_>)
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    Just to go back on a post previously made - we're not cancelling the MCE. IMO it's better than both the Keyboard and Gamepad options due to it's responsiveness and ease of use, once you get used to it. We will be fixing all outstanding issues and refining the config during Early Access. We plan on releasing a 0.95 config for the Early Access weekend, then a 1.0 config for the game's official release.
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    Happy Early Access! 1.0 comes early!

    o 100% Accurate Mouse Cursor! YESYESYESYESYES!
    o Higher Dead Zone threshold for Hotbar switching, to reduce accidental hotbar switching.
    o Fine-tuned gesture control further, particularly with Map and Unsheathe Weapon, to ensure both aren't performed at the same time, and that you only activate the one you want.
    o Zoom In/Out now has 3 levels of zoom, suitable to chat scrolling as well as camera zooming.

    o Fixed 3rd Hotbar issues, works 100% of the time now
    o Confirm/Cancel now work (due to a initial bug in P4 thats now fixed, wasnt us!!!). Use this to select nearest Character and for dialogue prompts too!

    o Moved Fishing Guide from LT+L-Start to LT+R-Start
    o Moved Cycle Enemy From Closest from LB+R3 to LB+R1
    o Changed Lock Camera to Target from LB+RC to LT+RC
    o Moves Target Target of Current Target to LB+R4
    o Changed the in-game screenshot binding from Razer Game Booster to the in-built game utility for convenience. However due to Square Enix likely using both hidden and visible watermarks much like Blizzard with World of Warcraft, we highly recommend you use an external screenshot utility to ensure your screenshots are watermark free.
    o Deleted Center Mouse, as using Mouselook+ makes it defunct. The only spare button in the config!

    o Added Achievements Shortcut to LT+L Start (Assign the binding to the 'Insert' key)
    o Added Target Pet or Familiar to LB+RC (RC = Right Joystick Click)
    o Added Target Nearest NPC to LB+R3
    o Added the newly introduced Mouselook+ to replace Wand mode, combining both Mouselook and Wand mode so you can both tilt and move the controller to alter the cursor position. Much more ergonomic!
    o Added Move Cursor Left/Right, activated by pressing LB+R-Twist. Hold the twist either clockwise or counter-clockwise to move the cursor.
    o Added Cycle Enemies (from furthest to nearest) to LB+R2, which now pairs Cycle Enemies from Closest at LB+R1
    o Added a 4th Hotbar shortcut, for those that really love hotbars... Activate it with RT+R4 and RT+R2. Works the same way as the 3rd Hotbar. Choose the hotbar you want these buttons bound to under Esc > Bindings with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+<number>

    o No empty spaces left!

    NOTE - Requires MotionCreator version to Beta 3309 from now on (the latest version). You should be prompted when opening the app to update it. This is required for the new Mouselook+ mode.

    As an additional note, as there were controls on the config that even I overlooked, due to the quantity of bindings and density of information, the formatting of the config guide has been altered and simplified to more quickly and easily detail the bindings.

    There probably isn't going to be another update for a while, this can be considered complete. Enjoy!

    FFXIV ARR V1.mce

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