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    MechWarrior: Living Legends

    MechWarrior: Living Legends (MWLL) is a mod for Crysis Wars featuring stompy giant robots.

    Here's the result of my first few nights with the Hydra...

    I use the left thumbstick for analog steering control via PPJoy+DIWrapper, but the config supports WASD by default. All weapon groups and combat-essential functions are ready on the right hand with the left performing steering and holding access to all those auxiliary toggle switches. Yet less-used functions are accessible as alternate mappings when holding the left bumper switch. The right trigger and bumper fire primary and secondary weapons either separately or in concert (pull trigger through).

    layout pic:

    NB: Instead of hybrid mode, this config uses freelook with a ramp exponent of 1.5, yielding a similar effect (fine control in the middle, fast turn on the outside) but feeling more natural, IMHO.

    PS: I'm pretty impressed with the power of the MCE format. Great work, guys!
    PPS: Props to Scar for pointing me here (from the there).
    PPPS: Go Notepad!
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    How do I get it working? I installed it under the MCE plugins directory with all the other MCE files. It wasn't working, so I disabled all the crysis wars MCE's, and then it selected the right one. However, it still doesn't function in any way. Mouse control is still there, and the paddles do nothing.

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    hi Adam
    haven't used this mce. myself I made my own but try this, open you motion creator scroll down to the MW:LL mce and right click it and select "force" that should get it working

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