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    sixense.dll issues

    I have the razer drivers installed on two computers of mine. The desktop had the drivers installed when the hydra first came out and the laptop was done just recently. I have a c# script that gets x,y,z data from the controllers using the sixense.dll found in the program files\razer\hydra folder. On the desktop it works just fine, but on the laptop I had to copy the sixense.dll from the desktop and replace the sixense.dll on the laptop to get it to run. Does anyone know what changes were made to the .dll to cause this not to work? Or do I need to ask someone from razer since I am using their .dll.

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    The Razer DLLs are old and haven't been updated in a long time. The latest drivers for the Hydra are part of MotionCreator, which you can download here:

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