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    A special movement for The Force Unleashed series

    I just thought about this movement for helicopters and spaceships, but it would probably do fantastically in The Force Unleashed. In these games you can grab objects magically and move them around before you throw them at enemies. This movement is for grabbing them and moving them around in 3d space, not for aiming them and throwing them. Im not sure if it will be possible to implement, but if it would it would probably make the hydra the way to play this game.

    I copy-paste and edit the model from my rant about helicopters:

    Hold in a button to to grab something and start controlling it in this way, the location of the (preferably right) controller when you push the button becomes like a virtual balance point from where:
    moving the controller, while keeping it faced forward, in any direction of up, down, right, left, forward, backward would either move the controlled object this way, or make it accelerate in proportion of the distance from the virtual starting point.
    Turning the controller left or right, up or down, would accelerate the look in this direction, or direct the aim for where to throw the object.
    Leaning it clockwise or counter clockwise would accelerate the look in this direction, or direct the aim for where to throw the object.
    Releasing the button would stop this mode of control and take away the virtual startingpoint. A new virtual starting point will be set next time you push the button.

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    Shouldn't be too hard to incorporate in an MCE. There should be a 3D controller tracking function, if I'm correct.

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