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    Those are TF2 console commands. Those settings exist in tf\cfg\config.cfg

    If you want to turn off integration mode type the following in the console:
    sixense_enabled 0
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    Thank you!

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    Generally, I both like and dislike using the hydra in TF2, and I feel that most of the problems originate from software shortcomings. I'll start with the best aspects of gameplay that come from using this controller.

    First off, I find that it is remarkably easier to aim using the motion controller as opposed to a mouse. The free aim is generally more responsive and natural as compared to standard mouse look aiming (assuming you can get it configured). Secondly, the controllers are a good weight and relatively easy to get used to with the learning curve being relatively low. I found myself being able to play with relative ease just shortly after I configured the TF2 integration.

    Unfortunately, many problems arose for me directly following the initial setup. I understand that you cannot customize the controller layout through the Razer Configurator yet, which fortunately wasn't a problem with TF2 due to the sixense_bindings.cfg file in TF2's configuration files. At the same time, the razer integration throws a fit if it's open when TF2 is booted, which took me some time to figure out. The controls conflict, and I have bizarre things happen such as some of my original bindings within the TF2 configuration file are retained while the razer integration either swaps the controllers for aiming and motion gestures or implements its button configuration to seemingly random bindings on the controller. I also found that I can ratchet only when I'm using the mouse and not when I am in game, which occurred after I tried using only the TF2 configuration file and not the Razer Configurator. My process for setting up the hydra controller when I boot TF2 is to manually exec my sixense_bindings.cfg file, which unbinds all of my default keys and hydra keys and then rebinds the hydra ones as I see fit, and then I found that I have to place the controllers on the dock and remove them again for it to activate free aim.

    Additionally, I found that I cannot use the hydra and the keyboard at the same time, which I would love to be able to do. I am unsure if this is possible, but I found that I can't do it. First off, the hydra uses its own bindings for things that I already have bound, such as pressing up on the right joystick will switch to my next weapon due to the my sixense bindings in TF2's integration, but in the razer integration it technically presses my "1" key. This is frustrating because I have that set to a voice command and that effectively prevents me from using my keyboard and controller at the same time, even after configuring the sixense_bindings.cfg file. As well as the conflicting bindings, when I attempted to use the default Razer Configuration and the default TF2 configuration file, my keyboard wouldn't even respond in game unless I put the controller on the dock, even to the extent of being able to type messages or type in the console. I don't know if this is a problem only I am experiencing or if it has an easy fix, but it is a problem for me nonetheless. As far as getting the controller configured for TF2, however, I simply just unbind all my keys and rebind the hydra ones as I see fit in the configuration file.

    Lastly, I experience an incredibly irritating bug whenever I press the start button on the left controller as opposed to pressing the escape key on my keyboard. When I press the start button, the pause menu is pulled up but I cannot bring up the console or type in the console. From there, if I press the start button again, it will close the pause menu, simple enough. However, if I press the escape key on my keyboard, it will alt-tab the game and I will have to open it back up. Afterward, however, the pause menu is opened and I can open and close the console and type into it. It is only when I press the escape key and have it alt-tab the game that I am able to type into the console. This only occurs when I have the sixense peripheral plugged in and enabled in TF2.

    What I would love to see the most would be a GUI in game. My single greatest problem as far as aiming with the razer hydra is that it does not accelerate fast enough aiming near the center of the screen and it accelerates far too much aiming near the edges of the screen. This makes simple navigation as much of a nightmare as it makes turning around. I can't turn fast enough to turn around a wall, and I turn way too fast when I attempt to trace an enemy that runs past me. I would personally prefer a more uniform movement and minimizing of free aim while still having it enabled. I would desire that the GUI possess customization and value input for all of the factors that are editable within TF2 (the individual console commands). As of now, I'm unsure as to which sixense console commands perform which function, and I would hope that a GUI would simplify the matter.

    Overall, I believe that the Razer Hydra has tremendous potential in fast-paced, competitive games such as TF2, but as far as the ability to configure the peripheral as of right now, it proves to have little benefit over a mouse setup other than the free aim capability, which in and of itself is tricky.

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