Advisory Board

Don Bland – Business Advisor

Don Bland is responsible for executing corporate strategies for the production and development of Sixense Entertainment’s intellectual property. As a member of the senior management team, Bland is a key contributor to the company’s overall strategic and creative direction. Prior to joining Sixense Don served as Head of Production for 3net, the 3D joint venture from Sony Corporation, Discovery Communications and IMAX Corporation. 3net is the first and only full-time, fully programmed 3D entertainment networks in U.S., with the largest library of original, native 3D programming available anywhere. He has 15 years of experience producing Emmy award winning television and film for Discovery Channel and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Don Bland is also is a 3D and UHD pioneer and innovator.

Greg Cruz – Business Advisor

Greg Cruz has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience with high tech companies. Most recently, Cruz operated his own consulting company where he advised early stage start ups. Prior to founding his consulting company Cruz was an early team member at Ariba, a pioneer in business to business e-commerce. Cruz held numerous senior management positions with in Ariba including the Director of Pre-Sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Based in Europe, he worked to establish sales, marketing, and business development for the region. Prior to Ariba Cruz was a management consultant for Enrst & Young, LLP consulting to Fortune 500 companies.

Geoffrey Doyle – Business Advisor

Geoffrey Doyle is CEO of GrowShapes LLC, which provides leading-edge 3D printing and scanning products and services in Silicon Valley. Starting his career in the British Army (Royal Engineers), he transitioned into venture capital and worked at Percipient Capital in London for over 10 years investing in UK technology companies. After moving to Silicon Valley he established SVForum’s 3D Printing and Scanning Special Interest Group at the beginning of 2013, the first monthly meeting forum for 3D printing related technology in Silicon Valley. Geoffrey holds a B.Eng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from University of Manchester (UK), an MBA from Manchester Business School (UK) and graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Emanuel Gerard – Business Advisor

Mr. Emanuel Gerard is currently an advisor to early stage companies. He was Vice Chairman and Head of U.S. Equities at Harris Nesbitt Gerard Inc. and a Managing Director at GKM Ventures. He was a Co-founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Gerard Klauer Mattison where he served as Director of both Investment Banking and Research. Previously, Mr. Gerard spent 10 years at Warner Communications Inc., where he was a Co-Chief Operating Officer and a Member of the Office of the President. Among other functions at Warner, Mr. Gerard was actively involved in the purchase of Atari and the investment in Hasbro. He began his career as an Entertainment Research Analyst on Wall Street, later founding Roth, Gerard & Co., where he specialized in entertainment securities for 13 years. He holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.A. from Brown University.

Jef Holove – Business Advisor

Jef Holove is CEO of Basis, a San Francisco company that has developed the Basis Band, the world’s first connected health and heart rate monitor wearable on the wrist. Before joining Basis, Jef was CEO of Eye-Fi from 2007-2011. Prior to that, Holove was vice president and general manager of Logitech, Inc. where he most recently led the audio and interactive entertainment business units. In this role, he managed business strategy, marketing and engineering for multiple product portfolios. He also developed entertainment business units. Holove served as director of marketing for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region and directed retail and distribution channel marketing for the Americas region. Previously, Holove held leadership positions at Labtec, Inc., which was acquired by Logitech, as well as Insight, Inc., and Hewlett-Packard Company. He received a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Purdue University.

Spencer Hosie – Business Advisor

Spencer Hosie is a nationally recognized top-ranked trial lawyer for complex commercial cases. In his 20+ year career, he has won or settled cases worth almost $2 billion for his clients. In June 2005, the National Law Journal profiled Hosie as one of the 10 most successful trial lawyers in the country. Hosie’s practice covers the spectrum of complex commercial cases, with particular focus on intellectual property litigation. He currently is an advisor to the Alaska, Louisiana, and Hawaii state governments. Hosie began his legal career with the San Francisco law firm of Heller, Ehrman, White and McAuliffe, with an antitrust and securities defense practice. He started his own firm in 1985, ultimately named Hosie Rice, LLP, which specialized in intellectual property, energy, and complex litigation.

Bill Joos – Business Advisor

Bill Joos is the principal of “Go to Market Consulting”, based in Palo Alto, California. He works with early-to-mid stage companies, venture capital firms and their portfolio clients to help entrepreneurs accelerate their success. In addition to one-on-one consulting, Joos conducts entrepreneurial workshops worldwide. He spent nearly 7 years as the VP of Entrepreneur Development at Garage Technology Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm that he co-founded along with Guy Kawasaki. He also held sales and marketing positions with a variety of companies, including IBM and as the Sales VP at the software division of Apple Computer.

Gideon Marks – Business Advisor

Gideon Marks is a seasoned high tech executive with a deep background in finance and business/corporate development. Marks brings to Sixense strong operational and deal making experience as well as extensive connections within the venture capital and investment banking communities. During his career he has taken three companies public on NASDAQ and has led four others to successful M&A transactions. His past positions include Vice President Corporate Development at Net Optics, Managing Director at Garage Technology Ventures, Managing Director at Montgomery Securities and CFO of the RAD Group of companies.

Heather Dembert Rafter – Business Advisor

Heather Dembert Rafter has been actively engaged in providing legal and business development services to the digital media industry for over twenty years. She currently is the principal counsel in Rafter Marsh US which provides a wide variety of services to small to medium-sized companies. For fourteen years, she was the lead counsel for Digidesign, the audio division of Avid Technology, beginning as Director of Legal Affairs and rising to the role of General Counsel. During her time at Digidesign, the company expanded to include M-Audio and Sibelius Software. Rafter began her legal career at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, focusing on copyright and commercial litigation, where she represented Accolade in the ground-breaking Sega v. Accolade case, as well as LucasArts Games. Rafter is a graduate of Princeton University (A.B., Woodrow School of Public & International Affairs, magna cum laude) and Columbia University School of Law (J.D., Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar).

Hagi Schwartz – Business Advisor

20 years in several executive positions at leading technology companies including CFO of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. and Mercury Interactive Corporation at the time of their respective IPOs.

Simon Solotko – Business Advisor

Simon Solotko is an experienced technology marketer and product manager having pioneered enthusiast products and social marketing in the PC industry. Simon has created a direct relationship with the enthusiast community and among the world’s most exciting and watched enthusiast content shattering PC performance and gaming records. His expertise in immersive computing experiences and augmented reality has been well documented and includes demonstrations of holodeck-like experiences, the evolution of living-room entertainment, PC remote control, and central computing models. Since 2002 Simon has had roles in product, brand, and social media management at Advanced Micro Devices. From 1997 to 2002, he drove strategic and business planning for Raytheon focused on HPC, biometrics, and remote sensing. Simon holds a Masters in Finance from the University of Texas, a BA from the University of Chicago, and has studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Harvard University and Kent State University.

Robert Wick – Business Advisor

Robert Wick is currently a consultant to server startup and technology companies. From 2001 and 2009, he served in various executive roles, including Senior Vice President of Strategy, at Logitech, Inc., a world leader in personal peripherals. Prior to 2001, Wick was President and CEO of Labtec, Inc. a leading developer and marketer of high technology peripheral products and accessories for computing, communication, and entertainment. Wick has extensive experience in executive management, mergers and acquisitions and business development.

Martin Caplan – Research and Development Advisor

Martin Caplan is dedicated to the art and science of play, Martin has over ten years experience in game development for traditional games, serious games, theme parks, video game consoles and mobile. Marti is currently Senior Producer creating great games at Other Ocean and has worked as a video game producer and consultant with Sega, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Currently a Producer at Bioware Social / EA leading teams to create amazing next generation experiences in social games.

Walter Greenleaf, PhD – Research and Development Advisor

Dr. Walter Greenleaf is a research scientist, entrepreneur, and successful medical product developer. For the last 25 years his focus has been on developing innovative clinical systems for use in physical and cognitive medicine, with a specific interest in the use of virtual reality technology. Walter is known internationally as an early pioneer in the medical application of virtual environment technology and is viewed as one of the founders of the field. Walter has served as CEO for several successful Medical VR companies: InWorld Solutions, a company specializing in the therapeutic use of virtual worlds for behavioral health care; and Virtually Better, a company that develops virtual environments for the treatment of phobias, anxiety disorders, and PTSD. As a pioneer in the development of medical applications for virtual environments, and as a developer of many of the first clinical systems, Walter frequently contributes to the field as a keynote speaker, as an editor for the leading journal, and as a conference organizer. He is a founding Board Member of the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation. Walter recently served as Director of the Mind Division for The Stanford University Center on Longevity; His current appointment is as Distinguished Scholar for Stanford’s MediaX program. Walter holds a PhD in Neuro and Bio-Behavioral Sciences from Stanford University.

Steve Hansted – Research and Development Advisor

Steve Hansted has been immersed in virtual reality and real-time simulation since 1993 when he assisted with international pre- and post-sales efforts and training at the legendary Fakespace Labs. At MultiGen, Inc., he served as Product Manager of SmartScene, MultiGen’s award winning, immersive virtual reality assembly and training application. In this role he worked closely with customers such as NASA, LEGO, Volvo, U.S. Army Tank Command, Disney, Lockheed Martin and Silicon Graphics Inc., to name just a few. In 2001 Steve Co-Founded Glass House Studio to provide services, consulting, training and education in realtime immersive visualization and CAVE-based virtual reality applications. In his role as Forterra Systems’ Virtual Stage Manager (he still denies taking the job for the cool title), Steve developed a first-of-its-kind Troupe of Role Players. He coordinated and ran thousands of hours of live exercises, training scenarios, and demonstrations in Forterra’s OLIVE, Online Interactive Virtual Environment. As a Co-Founder of Vactor Studio LLC in 2010, Steve continued to provide multiplayer virtual actor and video capture/generation services to numerous Virtual World providers. Steve has a BA in Industrial Arts from SFSU and, when time permits, he’d really like to complete his MFA in Theatre Arts / Lighting Design.

Jason Jerald – Research and Development Advisor

Jason Jerald, PhD, is Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at NextGen Interactions. He has over 15 years of experience developing virtual reality systems and applications with organizations such as General Motors, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, NASA Ames, Valve, Oculus VR, Sixense Entertainment, and Virtuix. His work has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and the Discovery Channel, in the New York Times, and on the cover of the MIT Press Journal Presence: Teleoperators and Telepresence. Jason has held various technical and leadership positions including building and leading a team of ~300 individuals, has served on various conference committees, and serves on multiple advisory boards. He received his PhD in Computer Science from UNC-Chapel Hill with a focus on latency in virtual reality. Jason holds over 20 publications and patents in the field of virtual reality.

Igor Khalfin, PhD – Research and Development Advisor

Igor is one of the world’s foremost authorities in high-precision tracking, guidance and navigation systems with over 30 years of experience in the aerospace/defense and academic fields. His expertise includes optoelectronics, electromagnetics, imaging systems and sensors, remote sensing, applied physics, signal processing, and nonlinear systems. Igor is currently employed with Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, where he is leading the projects on spacecraft control systems. His prior experience includes senior engineering positions at Rockwell Collins, Polhemus, State University of New York, and University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Igor holds a PhD in physics from Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

Joseph LaViola – Research and Development Advisor

Joseph J. LaViola Jr. is the CAE Link Professor and associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and directs the Interactive Systems and User Experience Lab at the University of Central Florida. He is also an adjunct assistant research professor in the Computer Science Department at Brown University. His primary research interests include pen-based interactive computing, 3D spatial interfaces for video games, predictive motion tracking, multimodal interaction in virtual environments, and user interface evaluation. His work has appeared in journals such as ACM TOCHI, IEEE PAMI, Presence, and IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, and he has presented research at conferences including ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM CHI, the ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics, IEEE Virtual Reality, and Eurographics Virtual Environments. He has also co-authored “3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice,” the first comprehensive book on 3D user interfaces. In 2009, he won an NSF Career Award to conduct research on mathematical sketching.
Joseph received a Sc.M. in Computer Science in 2000, a Sc.M. in Applied Mathematics in 2001, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2005 from Brown University.

Paul Mlyniec – Research and Development Advisor

Paul entered the computer graphics industry in the early 1980’s specifically to build an immersive authoring medium. Beginning his career at Silicon Graphics in 1984, he then joined MultiGen to develop what became the de facto standard in modeling for flight simulation. As Director of SmartScene Engineering, he assembled a team of programmers and modelers to create a fully immersive LEGO-style scene assembler that reduced the level of expertise needed to build professional flight simulation worlds. SmartScene won honors, including Virtual Reality Software of the Year in 1995. In 1998 Paul founded Digital ArtForms to focus exclusively on immersive applications for the medical, military, design, and security markets, directing millions of dollars into advanced Virtual Reality research and development He has joined forces with Sixense to create MakeVR, the immersive medium he’d entered the industry to create.

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